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About Dr. Brenna 


Dr. Brenna Erickson has been fascinated with medicine and the healing arts since childhood. In undergrad, she studied Latin, psychology, theater, and creative writing in order to better communicate big ideas to the world around her. She worked as a filmmaker and chef before pursuing the career of Chiropractic. 


She attended Life West Chiropractic College, graduated in 2017, and created a community of inclusivity and service that future classes continue to benefit from. Now dedicated to the practice of Directional Non-Force Technique Chiropractic, she travels around the country to learn from the leader in the technique, Dr. Christopher John, to assure quality and innovation of her practice. 

After graduation, Dr. Brenna apprenticed with Dr. Jennifer Hawes in Chico, California. After a year of honing her skills, Dr. Brenna moved back to her roots in the Midwest, the Twin Cities, to start Healthy Roots Chiropractic. Dr. Brenna is the only chiropractor in Minnesota who specializes in Directional Non-Force Technique and is very excited to offer this unique and gentle technique to the Twin Cities.


She has been a voracious reader, learner, and traveler her whole life and is constantly seeking to better her knowledge and skills.  

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