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Gentle, Effective, Patient Centered  


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What I offer:

-Non Force Chiropractic adjustments

Soft Tissues Work

- Nutritional counseling and supplements

- Exercise and lifestyle recommendations

- Kinesiotaping

- Home Visits

"A Whisper is more powerful than a Shout "- Dr. Tamara MacIntyre


Welcome to Healthy Roots Chiropractic!


I'm Dr. Brenna Erickson, a Non Force Chiropractor specializing in Directional Non-Force Technique (DNFT).

I specialize in helping with Migraines and Headache Disorders, Chronic Pain, Autoimmune Conditions, Spoonies, Pain after Spinal Surgery, Trauma, and Highly Sensitive People. 

​The gentle technique I use is especially beneficial for re-balancing your nervous system and allowing you to live pain-free without any risk of worsening injuries.


If injuries, surgeries, and/or disc problems have discouraged you from chiropractic in the past, I'd love to meet you and see if !

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